Date: 2018-06-12

In the morning date 09/06/2018 at Muong Thanh Hotel - Buon Ma Thuot, Daklak September 2nd Import-Export Company Limited (Simexco DakLak) has solemnly celebrated its 25th anniversary of establishment from 08/6/1993 to 08/6/2018.

Attending the ceremony were the presence of Mr. Pham Minh Tan, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Dak Lak Province and representatives of Provincial office, committees of Party building, leaders of Dak Lak Provincial People's Committee, the honored guests as well as the traditional partners and customers of the company during the past 25 years. Openning of the celebration are some exciting and elaborate performances from Simexco staff. With a magnificent stage, a dedicated team, it can be said that the "home-grown" performances have created a happy atmosphere at the auditorium and left deep impressions of the participants.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Le Tien Hung - Chairman of Board of Management - General Director sent thank to the guests and partners who came to attend this important celebration. Reporting at the ceremony, Mr. Le Tien Hung - Chairman of Board of Directors - General Director reviewed the process of establishment and development of Simexco Dak Lak in the past 25 years and orientation to build strong company in the next years with the slogan "Keep moving forwards".

                             Mr. Le Tien Hung - Chairman of Board of Directors - General Director

Simexco DakLak Company was established on 08/6/1993 - The owner is Dak Lak Provincial Party Committee. In the beginning of establishment, company faced many difficulties from human resources to investment capital. However, with the spirit of working determination, creativity and learning, after 25 years of building and developing Simexco Daklak has become one of the leading coffee and agricultural products exporter of the province in particular and the country in general, which is also the customs priority in the export of goods. In addition, the company is one of the enterprises that contribute much to the social works and charity works of Dak Lak province.

In order to steer the Simexco DakLak boat to more and more step up, in his speech, Mr. Le Tien Hung emphasized and appealed all employees of the company to unite and continue to promote achievements and raise company to a higher level.

At the ceremony, Mr. Pham Minh Tan - Deputy Secretary of Dak Lak Provincial Party Committee praised and congratulated on results that Simexco Dak Lak has achieved in the past years. At the same time, he also suggested that in the next time, Simexco needs to focus on purchasing, expanding export markets to over the world and looking for more potential customers to make the company business more and more developed.

               Ông Phạm Minh Tấn – Phó Bí thư Thường trực Tỉnh ủy Đắk Lắk

To recognize the development and great contribution of Simexco Dak Lak Company in the past 25 years to local, on this anniversary, the People's Committee of Dak Lak province has presented the company a panel with the words "Unite – Innovate - Create - Develop ". It can be said that this gift as an affirmation for the stable advancement of Simexco Dak Lak in the coming time.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Le Tien Hung - Chairman of Board of Directors - General Director sent his deep thanks to distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, domestic and foreign partners and all workers, who has been cooperating with the development of Simexco Dak Lak for the last 25 years and hope to continue to move forward in the future.

Some pictures of the celebration: